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With marijuana being legal for recreational use in 9 states now (plus D.C.) and decriminalized in 13 more the once underground world of cannabis paraphernalia and cannabis inspired art has been gradually seeping into the mainstream in recent years. Yesterday's pot products are today's collectible art. Since 2009 New Millennium Cannabis has been providing the highest level of customer service and product for both recreational and medical marijuana customers. Located in South Eugene and serving the surrounding area including Oakridge we provide quality cannabis strains, and concentrates, in addition to stocking a wide variety of glass bongs, artwork and other assorted objects of interest.

We have a long record of supporting and promoting the many talented glass artists in Eugene and surrounding areas and many original pieces can be found in our store. Of late such works have been sold to collectors for tens of thousands of dollars and some even in the six-figure range. Stop in today for a look around, we are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

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Collectible Art - Oakridge, OR

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